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Chanting Intensive with Jeanette Gross

Temple Isaiah • Lafayette, California • June 2005 • July 2012


The world stands upon three things: On Torah, Worship and Loving Deeds. (Pirke Avot 1:2)

"Al Shlosah d'varim ha-olam omeid, Al ha-Torah, v'al ha-avocah, v'al g'milut chasadim - The world stands upon three things: On Torah, worship and loving deeds." (Pirke Avot 1:2)


Al sh'losha d'varim ha-olam o-meid.

Al ha-Torah, v'al ha-avodah, v'al g'milut chasadim.


Session One:  Torah


Session Two:  Worship (Avodah)


Session Three:  Loving Deeds (G'milut Chassadim)





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