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Sacred Hebrew Chant ~ Healing Circles Training Sessions

Summer 2009

(The chants below were recorded at Temple Isaiah in Lafayette, California on July 27, 2009)

Temple Isaiah in Lafayette, California is now offering Healing Circles to members of our community who are ill or dying.  A healing circle is simply a group of people who come together to surround a person in need. The energy derived from the combined voices and breathing of the group, the emotions that arise among the participants being poured into the practice and the sacred history of all the generations who have uttered these words before, is all woven into the chants, promoting a very deep level of soul-healing. The circle creates a sense of being held by the sacred phrases, being cradled in the melodies, being nourished by the community in a way that is healing to mind, soul and body.  Both the givers and the receivers are filled with a sense of Hope and Wholeness.

Three training sessions were held in Summer of 2009 as a way to build and strengthen the core of volunteers we can call upon to participate in this great mitzvah.  In March of 2020 our Healing Circles shifted to an online format and until further notice that is still in place (as of February 2023), so we gather on zoom instead of meeting in person for everyone's safety. 


If you are part of the Isaiah community and are in need of a healing circle, please contact Jeanette Gross.



Healing Circle Pic

Click to Play    "Golel Or"


Click to Play    "Uv'tsay-ti"


Click to Play    "M'chal-kel"


Click to Play    "Shehehchehyanu"


Click to Play    "Aneini B'Emet"


Click to Play    "Ana El Na"


Click to Play    "Ya Aneihu"


(All Melodies by Jeanette Gross)


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