Sacred Hebrew Chant ~ Healing Circles Training Sessions

Summer 2009

(The chants below were recorded at Temple Isaiah in Lafayette, California on July 27, 2009)

Temple Isaiah in Lafayette, California offers Healing Circles to members of our community who are ill or dying.  A healing circle is simply a group of people who come together to surround a person in need. Healing Circle PicThrough the practice of Sacred Hebrew Chant - sacred phrases with simple repetetive melodies - we offer prayers for healing and strength.

The energy derived from the combined voices and breathing of the group, the emotions that arise among the participants being poured into the practice and the sacred history of all the generations who have uttered these words before, is all woven into the chants, promoting a very deep level of soul-healing. The circle creates a sense of being held by the sacred phrases, being cradled in the melodies, being nourished by the community in a way that is healing to mind, soul and body.  Both the givers and the receivers are filled with a sense of Hope and Wholeness.

Two formal training sessions were held as a way to build and strengthen the core of volunteers we can call upon to participate in this great mitzvah.  Temple Isaiah's Angel Network offers a monthly opportunity to learn this practice while giving yourself the gift of an evening focused on your own healing and prayers for all in need of healing.

Healing Circle PicIf you would like to be part of this Mitzvah Project, and were unable to attend the training please contact Jeanette Gross to add your name to our growing list of volunteers. You will be notified when there is another training or a healing circle.

If you are part of the Isaiah community and are in need of a healing circle, please contact Rabbi Judy Shanks.


"Golel or mipnei choshechm choshech mipnei or.... Rolling away light before darkness, darkness before light."                                             

(click to play)        (Golel Or)


"Uv'tsay-ti likrat-cha likrati m'tsah-ticha... The moment I reach out for You, I find You reaching in for me."

(click to play) (Uv'tsayti)


"M'chal'kel chayyim b'chessed.... You nourish life with compassion."

(click to play)


"She-heh-cheh-yanu....In this moment we are blessed, each and every moment."

(click to play) (Shehehchehyanu)


"B'tzelim Elohim - Each one is created in the image of God."

                                                                                                     (click to play)        (Aneini B'Emet - Melody adapted from a chant by Rabbi Shefa Gold)


"Ana Elna r'fanala...Please God, please heal her."

(click to play)
  (Ana El Na)


"Ya-anei-hu mi-sh'mei kodsho....God's answer will come from holy Heaven."

(click to play)   (Ya-Aneihu)


(All Melodies by Jeanette Gross unless otherwise noted)


*Note: To download an mp3 recording - right click on its title - (or control-click on a mac) and save the linked file.

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